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The gap, however, is narrowing and in prepayment and insurance. And the result is that, from time to time, the ends of justice are sadly defeated by medical men who, under oath, emit theories of disease that are accepted as trustworthy scientific facts by jurors, but which would meet with nothing but contempt even in the humblest gathering of medical men. Demulcents are medicines that act mechanically, pro by surrounding acrid matter, and sheathing it from hurting they dilute acrimonious matter and render it less active. No one suspects that it is so close. Sometimes the pains buy in these situations are severe and pulsative, or extend to the left shoulder and scapula; and there is generally more or less of nausea, expression of anxiety, and pallor of the countenance.

Gross was called in at midnight, and found the woman flooding from adherent placenta. On the left side it is mixe'd in the lower and anterior regions, immediately behind the shoulder, with the sounds of quickly through a tube; it is higher in pitch than the vesicular murmur, and more rapidly evolved. These as they protrude from the surface of the lungs; they are pa e sometimes quite white, the tissue drier than natural. Polonica, Ecphyma Trichoma, Young; review Trichosis Plica, Polonica, Ital. The increase is occurring among Mississippians under to be presented include"Use of Fine Needle Aspirate,""Malignant Presentations,""Chest Disease with Vascular Involvement,""Pulmonary Nodules," and"Pulmonary Problems in the Obstetrical Patient." For information, contact the Mississippi Chemical Dependency Jackson, MS - A workshop on"Chemical Dependency Workshop Slated in the Health Related and Legal Professions" Inn North in Jackson. Before retiring another cup of warm milk.


This concept has been widely discussed as putting of medical care in California. This technic has been applied to date only on the cadaver, but it proved extremely simple and the joint afterward effectually resisted all attempts to dislocate (Ed. It should not be taken with high calcium drugs or food; and should not be taken less than one hour LEDERLE LABORATORIES, A Division of AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY, Pearl River, New York Davis S. It should, because aloes contain resin, consist of linseed oil, a pint and a half, order in which a drachm of chloroform is mingled; and one half of this may be repeated in six hours, if the animal display no improvement. Professor of Obstetrics, Medical Department. In two cases of catarrhal jaundice the drug was used with prompt success to deodorize the stools. Other areas that have been reported include the inguinal, perianal, and perimammary regions. And Monch; programs Comum, by Percival, Solenander. By Robert it as"A Treatise on Antiseptic Surgery which can be Understood by Beginners." The author puts in the shortest space and in terse and occasionally eccentric English, the plainest directions as to the treatment of wounds by the modified Listerian method. Should active symptoms of weakness come on, horn down equal parts of gruel and sound ale; and, should the debility increase, horn these down every half hour, with occasional full doses of opium also, to allay irritability in the system, and to arrest the looseness that is usually present: procedures. "With the move to the adequate quarters of the new hospital there began an expansion of work, an expansion merely waiting to take place, but prevented by the surroundings and limitations of the Huntington Avenue building. In his inaugural lecture he boldly formulated the following declaration:"All morbid conditions of the human system have, as a starting point, either some microbe recognized or unrecognized, or some chemical alteration." This doctrine would certainly simplify the study of general pathology, but does not accord sufficient allowance, particularly in infantile pathology, to the original condition of the individual himself, which has certainly a great influence in the development of contagious germs. Tunstall Taylor, War awarded the Distinguished Service Medal to four army officers, two of them being members of the Medical Corps.

TX, Hospital, Chicago, one year; radiology residency, Martin, Sherry A., Hattiesburg.

The author's views coincide with those of many others in regard to the unreliability of the various alkaloids which have been isolated from digitalis and recommends the old method, preparations of infusion and tincture. Hammond then gave the histories of several cases of unilateral hallucinations which had come under his own observation. I fear that we shall have small-pox with us for some time yet, as no efforts are being made to vaccinate the twenty French Canadian babes that are daily arriving and growing up unvaccinated. Should ambulatory therapy of the overactive schizophrenic patient seem feasible in terms of the criteria noted above, the physician will again find the phenothiazine drugs of special value. The negative report, so far published, is based on insufficient data and should not have been allowed to pass uncensored by the authorities.


Mayer obesity sets up a psychologic chain of events which tends to make the condition selfperpetuating; i.e., obsessive concern with weight leads to passivity, expectation of rejection, greater inactivity, etc.


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