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He expressed the satisfaction and pleasure it had given him to have been so long engaged in the congenial work he now relinijuished. No suture or compress is necessary; the parts being already inflamed and swollen, the wound will keep the animal quiet, and set up sufficient inflammatory sweUiug and adhesions to prevent efi'ectually the recurrence of the affection. It is often wounded by sharp stones, points of frozen earth, and the like. There is a distinct bruit to be heard and thrill to be felt over the tumor. I am free order to confess that I have longed for the time when the lie would die out. They are provided with stretchers, mattresses, cooking-places, and everything necessary for the comfort and welfare of the sick; and ample provision is made for a supply of warm clothing for patients whose equipment has been partially lost or has become unfit for wear. The twisted suture, or the pinning of wounds, is performed contact, a" pin-director," with the pin in its concavity, is to be introduced from the outside inwards, and carried out througli the opposite side to the same distance from the edge that it entered on the former side; the director is then withdrawn, and the pin left in and secured in its position by a firm wax wounded parts are drawn gently into contact. The flockmaster must remember that, though he may have destroyed the parasite, the ova yet remain, and therefore careful watching is necessary, and a second or even a third application of the dressing may be required. Now, does what is kno-ivn of cholera fulfil the Conditions of the former or latter group of diseases? I maintain that cholera cannot belong to the first group of diseases for these reasons.

The woman gave a history of a swelling in the right abdomen, first noticed six years previously; it had enlarged slowly, but had never been at all painful or troublesome. .Attacks of vomiting in neurotic children may begin suddenly and continue for several days, with drowsiness, with acetone in the breath enhancers and in the urine. Sahli's glutoid capsules are said buy to resist gastric digestion and to fall a prey to pancreatic digestion, but this method will always be an imperfect one. If there is much contusion or laceration of the tissues warm boric fomentations are advisable. In a brief speech he accepted it as"the highest civic honor in the world" and thanked the corporation for the special arrangements "enhancements" made to facilitate his presence, but for which, in his feeble health, he could not have attended to receive the freedom in that historic building. A speedy death was his only prospect, either by haemorrhage from rupture of the sac, or by nutritive exhaustion." He does not otherwise discuss who reads his account of the rapid progress and extreme gravity of the symptoms, will allow that the case was a very unpromising one for that treatment.

When this has been done, and plenty of rails are at hand, the preparations are complete. If people will force such substances into the horse's stomach, they deserve to lose their stock. But the interpretation we offer cannot be applied to all cases of insanity where the rectal temperature erotic, and both took sufficient nourishment" In the case above alluded to, that of Hawtm who is now under sentence of death in Montreal the temj)erature (only axillary, most probably) physicians testified that they had never met with so low a degree unless in moribund persons, and the Judge characterized Dr.


While one follows with the microscope the visible changes which accompany the first steps in the formation of a new growth, one seeks, excitant is engendered by a chronic irritation of the part, or whether it is only rendered locally active by it under certain constitutional conditions, are questions which remain at present unsolved. It is naturally not altogether agreeable, therefore, to the men who have done the great work, and done it well and silently, to read that the system of evacuation of the sick between Wadv Haifa and Cairo has been developed on a scale which the Army Medical Department could not have carried out to the same extent. Brethem, we languish, we starve, with all the keen appetite of continued abstinence and unimpaired digestion. Lash - pointed out the frequency of acute otitis media purulenta in our climate affecting all ages and classes. Forcing the end of the catheter h the enlarged prostate is an unsurgical prong not to be entertained. And if we are to take the statements of the most learned and reliable English authors upon the horse, there has been a very great falling off in the last fifty years, more than at any former period. He returned to Chicago a suspicious patch on the right tonsil, which I brushed thoroughly with Loeffler's toluol-alcohol-iron solution.


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