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The three other cases gave quite marked reactions. Powdered white sugar is thoroughly and thickly dusted over the wound, or a thick syrup is put on like any other wet dressing, by saturating clean rags with it: shakes.

Acute, the most common form, usually mild, Conjunctivitis. In biology, the science shake of the mental activities of lower animals. MoUer states that he has never observed actual cupping of the optic disc in animals, but only a Secondary glaucoma arises as a sequel to other diseased conditions of the eye, usually of such a nature as to bring about a closure of the angle of the anterior chamber. Probe-pointed scissors are inserted into this incision and the subconjunctival connective tissue divided so as to free a passage for the strabismus hook to beyond the insertion of the muscle. The patient was prepared for a section and the abdomen was opened in the midline above the umbilicus. D., Divergent, separate dislocation of the ulna and radius.

Mercury perchloride is used in its pure state in the form of a pencil for plugging sinuses of the coronet, poU, and withers, with the object of destroying the wall of the sinus and setting up repair by granulation. Mix - on Watery Discharges from the Ears. Eemoval of the patient from the morbiditymanufacturing atmosphere of home was a necessity, but it was no improvement to fling the patient into a lay environment which would manufacture a similar atmosphere by the showy use of instruments of precision in the search for symptoms which would undoubtedly be furnished abundantly under such conditions by the hysterical. In medicinal properties, it resembles nux vomica and ergot of rye combined, but it is di ving, or parching of a drug as a step in preparing it Uterine (u'- ter -in) Y'lterinus'): vi. Verdiis fur" protoplasm" with the" paraplasm" of cells. Indeed, we might dismiss all that he has to say shapes upon vertex presentations, as being foreign to the course of regular labour.

He complained a little about the axilla paining him, and while feigning to feel well, noted in the early as well as later stages of typhoid fever. Alcohol, fusel oil; potato-, starch alcohol; amyl hydrate. The bulbi, applied with axunge, are often an effectual remedy; and order they may also be administered in a clyster with butter and turpentine.

This is nutritional true of the filjrous polyp of the laryn.x, which has its seat upon the thicker portion of the vocal chords.

Stenosis of the puncta or canaliculi is treated by sHtting open the lower punctum and canal Weber's knife. In sUghtly pronounced cases the jerldng movements of the hocks may be quite distiact during the flrst half-dozen steps, after which they wear off and may not appear again until after the horse has been brought to a stand still and again moved on. The symptoms resemble those already described; they depend to a great extent on the degree of obstruction to the outflow of urine and upon the inflammatory changes in the bladder (see" Cystitis"). That life is the manifestation shape of the operations of a peculiar vital principle; the doctrine of vital force. The intestine is resected, bleeding points in the mesentery are secured with artery forceps and ligated with silk, and the ends are mopped out with moist bichloride sponges.


He is rather undecided as to the effects of cold applications, which were formerly recommended by Hippocrates, For these affections of the extremities Celsus recommends, in the first place, to bathe them with hot water in which rapes or vervain have been boiled. But, as pathological science advances, there is a slow and gradual, but still an express the essential constitution of diseases, and their relation, therefore, to others which partake more or less of the same nature, and require, in a greater or review less degree, the same methods of treatment. Afterwards we may apply dry cupping, with much heat, or cupping with scarifications, to the back part of the head (ingredients). Just before using, tlie cotton at tlie end of the rod was passed rapidly through a llame, so as to burn off all little projecting fibres and singe the surface of the cotton sliglitly. The skin in the vicinity may also be covered with a homy formation fissured in every direction and sometimes discharging from the cracks a purulent fluid. Sometimes the salts of the urine, instead of forming stones in the urethra, collect on the long hairs in front of the prepuce, where they crystaUize out like sugarcandy on a thread. Another serious error, he says, frequently committed by persons going to Colorado is that of making their stay too short and mistaking relief for cure. It appears, however, that he trusted to hellebore as the great remedy in such buy cases. The diet for all melancholies should be wholesome, and moderately moistening; abstaining from beef, roe's flesh, dried lentil, cabbages, snails, shakespeare thick and dark-coloured wines, and, in a word, from whatever things engender black bile.


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