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Four principal routes seem to be the most widely accepted as giving rise to the disease. This means that either the two professions are relating well and working adequately together or members of the Bar Association and Medical Association are not utilizing the Medical-Legal Committee as an avenue for filing complaints. There was no evidence of diphtheritic paralysis. Incidence of union, and has markedly decreased the morbidity and mortality. Adolescents and adults may be referred for the broad scope of order personal adjustment and rehabilitation services previously discussed. Le patient est un homme d'apparence absolument saine. Together with the rest he" stood to arms" at three o'clock every morning, his arms being the case of field dressings and instruments, and an hour or two hours later he moved on with the battalion, after a breakfast that varied according to the time and opportunity for cooking. Pasteur and Thuillier have already succeeded in conferring an immunity as complete by the inoculation of a very mitigated form of the disease. He was educated in the schools at Milton and Liverpool, at Dalhousie and Boston, Mass.


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(SJ) of these constituents of the urine. Experiences of this type, altering name, date and place, were known to every pioneer physician of the early era.


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