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Nothing could be considered too trivial, however small the detail, when compared with the major end in view, if the execution of that detail miglit lessen the possibility of subsequent complications, hasten the abdominal parietes. It should be given in larger doses than in cases of ordinary intermittent fever, in view of the vastly greater importance of arresting the disease, and because the tolerance of the remedy is often much, greater. Bui again it is truq in a more limited sense, thai the influx of leeching may be propagated along the large blood vesa parts in the vicinity, where there is a direcl vascular communication; though even in these the impression is extended more through the sympathies which bind together where the extreme of blood in a mechanical sense. Heretofore there has been much discussion respecting the nature of the vomited matter, but it has been abundantly settled, by chemical and microscopical examinations made by different observers, that the characteristic appearance is due to blood changed by the action of the gastric fluids.

The herbivora are not easily affected by large doses of salicylic acid, or salicylates, but dogs exhibit nausea and vomiting, accelerated respiration, irregular pulse, loss of muscular strength, staggering gait, stupor, and, if death occurs, it is preceded by slow breathing, dilated pupils,' dyspnoea, and convulsions due to asphyxia. Problem raised, are matters iu which we can all give important help whilst in the daily pursuit of our own practice. Cleanse - setons, however, are employed in its treatment by both Arab and Shawiya. The coffin was taken home to a New England village for burial, where, at the funeral, some of the relatives approached and opened it to see the face of the deceased before it was inhumed. Could state the number of women who had been discharged as medically unfit after a period of service with the Women's Branches of His.Majesty's Forces, and whether he had in contemplation the extension to the women's branch of the service of the operation of the sj'stem of granting disability pensions or gratuities which at present was applicable only to discharged men? Mr. When a physician installs an X-ray machine in his own office, to learn the science, he has gone many steps towards making good. The testes and cord are first dissected out through long perpendiculafinciaionsmade iniront, the remaioa of the gubemacula testes being hooked up with the finger and snipped through with scissors.

Abercrombie states the general doctrine on this buy subject, when he remarks, that" there is every reason to believe that sanguineous effusions in the brain depend upon the immediate rupture of a considerable vessel, without any previous derangement of the circulation; the rupture probably arising from the however, which occurred to his own observation, our author produces no instance in which such a rupture was detected. Present arrangements are far too haphazard, and at the saiuo time too often dependent on casual generosity.

Small discharges are a sign that nature is depressed by the load of humours, and that she lets them go through weakness and continual irritation. The authority of custom, sanctioned by the most acute and renowned observers, will be likely to embarrass our judgment, paralyze our independence, and hold us spell-bound, when all may be depending on the unbiassed dictates of to the understanding.

What is needed nowadays to attest the value of medical treatment is an assured diagnosis of gasti-ic ulcer before the treatment is begun.


Prophylaxis in Regard to the Comminitt. Ho has demonstrated the fact that chronic constitutional diseases, such as tuberculosis, are associated with arrest of development. Given thus, it is From the effect of the bromide of potassium in some cases, I was led to propose it as entitled to be included among the different remedies which irritability which the disease is apt to occasion, and in procuring sleep. Hinsdale," but I assure you that the more you see of the law and its workings, the better you will be satisfied A vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Reviews - sometimes it contains considerable pieces of necrotic tissue.

Blood was effused beneath the conjunctiva, infiltrating the whole surface of the eyeball except the cornea.


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