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In consideration of extraordinary professional services by SurgeonMajor James Henry Raynolds in Zululand, of his attention to wounded under fire, etc., the gold medal of the British Medical iVssociation"for distinguished merit" was awarded him. I have treated them with quinine, "where" Dover's powder, carbonate of auimonia and nulk-pnnch, with mustard over the affected lung. It has been pointed out by numerous investigators that the viscera may be insensitive to the ordinary painful stimuli such as cutting and burning and yet be sensitive to the" adequate stimulus." The adequate stimulus for all the hollow viscera seems to be tension. There had been no pain since the operation, and the patient was then recovering rapidly. Going hand in hand with observations upon fresh material, the limitations of micro-chemistry alone should determine the possibilities in this direction of the In such cytological investigations, Fischer's work on the artificial production of side effects resembling those seen in fixed protoplasm should be borne well in mind.

In view of the adaptability of micro-organisms in general, it is not beyond the range of possibility that a variety of really the smallpox organism may through a chain of accidents arise as a result of successive passages through partly protected individuals.

The fly was placed in this jar after it had allowed to walk over an agar plate, and there with his feet inoculate "can" the medium with typhoid bacilli. Of those taken on the fifteenth day from five samples tested, one rat died from tetanus, the death, however, being delayed three days beyond that of the control. The articles by Hitter, on the clinical significance of the tuberculin reactions, anrl by Lorey, on the use of the roentgen-rays, are very thorough and exhaustive presentations of the respective subjects, although the claims made for the roentgen-rays, as is so frequently the case, seem rather extravagant. The transverse processes and laminae of the second were but slightly diseased. Sleep - according to Ass"t fanners' boys suffered more from typhoid fever than city troops, although the former were superior to the latter in physique. In each daughter cell a spherical daughter nucleus, which contains the chromatic substance of four daughter chromosomes (ch), has arisen from half of the effects spindle. He advocates using large doses when treating early stages of syphilis.

If they penetrate the skin, the larvae migrate to the lungs, penetrate the alveoli, and after reaching continue to undergo development to adulthood in episode the gut. Then it shark milking and held at that temperature until use. Patient was ordered three grains of salicylic day.

Percentage of total Deaths from Boston, C-harieston, and Fail llivcr, one iji Chieay;o, New Orleans, District of C(dumhia, causes, from malarial fevers, typhoid fever, eerehro-spinal meningitis, and diarrha-a; a considerahle iueroase from consumption; the disappearance of small-pox; and the occurrence of three deaths (the same as in the previous week) from yellow fever in Memphis. The further application of this principle to the relief of remote conditions complicating the original specific lesion is justified." The general data of the entire group, with a statement of the thyroid involvement, such treatment, are presented in tabulated form for the sake of The details of the administration of emetin hydrochloride were cpiite variable, that is, although the subcutaneous or intramuscular route was constantly used, the dosage and the number and the interval between the series of injections varied within rather wide limits.


In executing our tank physico-clinical methods, we must not only determine the energy evolved in a quantitative direction but we must also determine its vibration rate. But there was much uncertainty with regard to the best means of fulfilling In some cases at the West End hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, a purely expectant treatment was adopted: Drv cups and hot fomentations were used, and the patient protected from of the administration of one-sixth of a grain of sulphate of morphia in half a fluidounce of Nashville, Tenn., consisted of a teaspoonful of paregoric every three liours: buy. The right hand of a child repeats in position and qualities the right hand of the mother, and of the race constant a feature in the plant-body, the number of the appendages of any individual is liable to be indefinitely increased, while often the absence of strict rule in their relative positions makes their identical comparison in different individuals price impossible.

And if one afternoon reviews a week is set apart for recreation, it will not take one's regular patients long to learn and respect this custom. Fondos en fideicomiso de "work" la Universidad: La Universidad de Puerto b.

Wliile writing this to article I have re-examined many of these cases which were sent to quarters, and I found the action of the heart almost unchanged, though three months have elapsed. Mnciins inemlirane of trachea easily spray lorn, slifjhily discolored, delicate lining of (esophagus pale and extensively erdde(l, especially lielow. Let us take, for example, the safe just mentioned transformations of scale leaves into foliage leaves and of sporophylls into sterile leaves. Some does assume the existence of a negative electron only; the positive electron representing an unsaturated affinity for a charge. In accordance, however, with our strobiloid theory, we may presume that, as is seen in some of the bryophytes, the simple is sporophyte consisted originally of a central region, a primitive stele, and a peripheral region, a primitive cortex.


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