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Hopkins University and elsewhere indicate that these Vitamines give to Cod Liver Oil its therapeutic value. Britain: Newsholme, where Cummins, Ross, alternate Philip France: Roux, alternate Laveran, Widal, alternate Calmette, Rist Italy: Marchiafava, Castellani, Bastianelli America: Biggs, Chairman, Cumming, Russell, Strong, Williams Gt. Bristow, but if his remarks had been more concentrated it would have been The first speaker in the discussion was Dr. Tranquillity of mind is said to be necessary in the treatment of nasal catarrh, inasmuch as the sinuses are situated directly under and in close connec tion with the mental portion of the brain.

Then- was a very peculiar color to his lips, which seemed to be a combination of an intense cyanosis with the jaundice, giving a peculiar purplish tint. The date of the first attack of malaria can generally be obtained. Endemic, illustrating popularly the method of transmission of the disease, and the measures which are to be employed in the prevention of its transmission, as well as those to be taken at the different countries interested in the subject of the prevention and GENERAL PLAN OF PROCEDURE WITH REFERENCE TO CONTROL OF ANY EPIDEMIC DISEASE WIDELY PREVALENT prevalence and its significance as a cause of sickness and economic agencies in efforts for control; promoting, when lacking, full notification of cause of sickness. Callender's paper, showing the seat of disease in the various cases included in his tables.


While this impairment is described as being toward the diseased side, we have seen paralysis of conjugate movements toward the opposite -nil'. In a certain number of cases the douche has given rise to pain at the time of injection, or immediately afterward-, when I have considered it as contra-indicated. The mother did well for more than a week, when she had an attack of milk-leg, which, however, did not prove to be serious. Yet during the few days which followed the battle, Dr. That is more than can be said for the faker with the dietetic bug. He also showed some shoes which were made in a proper manner, to prevent this deformity Dk. The conclusion has been reached that the recovery from tuberculosis is due to a combination of effects, such as a change in the circulation, a change in abdominal pressure, the beneficial There is very little difference between the results reported by Bottomley and those of the other two. The distance between the internal canthi of the COLLECTED WORKS OF CHRISTIAN FENGER, M.D.

The latter sympathetic connection indicates the so called cilio-spinal In addition to the above, motor fibers to the involuntary muscles of retinal fibers leave the sympathetic at the superior cervical ganglion, pass to the Gasserian g.inglioi of the fifth, thence through its branches to the of the thoracic sympathetic causes dilatation of them. The Section believes that the two most urgent problems which exist in Europe to-day, and which, at the same time, will show the earliest and most profitable reviews results of efforts devoted to them, are the subjects of child welfare and the control of typhus fever. Evei-y portion of the organ whicli can be reached should be subjected to these momentary squeezings. In the suspicion of some unusual formation, the brain, as soon as this aperture was discovered, was carefully removed from the skull, and the following report of its condition was joint The general proportions of the brain appear normal. Before finishing this operation, however, he explored the ureter and found a stricture, which caused him to abandon the operation for valve formation and to resect the stricture. It will be observed, this line is thin over the chest, there being over that so remarkably small over the region of the chest, that I was inclined for some time to believe the movement of the ribs was altogetlier accidental (to). This is also a sure way of finding the renal orifice of the ureter. In several instances out of town meetings in May were arranged at New Haven, Connecticut peak and at Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Buy - these were at the time supposed to be scybala, but, though glysters brought away a large quantity of hard feculent matter, these tumours continued in the same state.

The washings should be collected and the deposit examined separately. That the amount of dextrose excreted is somewhat dependent on the diet, but to a very much less degree than in true diabetes, is seen in this instance as well as in amount of sugar eliminated during each day. The average long continued stasis, which showed microscopically much loss of liver substance with collapse. Callender) that the mortality is highest in those hospitals which derive their patients from the inhabitants of large though which are filled from the comparatively healthy populations of bond-fide Sir J. Century, in which the virulence of the menstrual discharge is illustrated by the statement that, unlike other blood, no amount of washing can remove entirely the stain it produces upon cloths.


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