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With regard to the cause of death being uncertified, he could suggest nothing but tlie adoption of the French system, so that when a person died some "carb" one should go and find what the cause of death was. I would suggest that the absence of bacilli and the generally ill-defined nature of the disease is due to the it fact of its being of a comparatively mild type, a contention borne out by the absence of severe symptoms in my first case, in which the association of a pulmonary cavity with spinal caries points nevertheless most strongly to a tubercular origin.

Used commercially and as Three saline, elialyljeatc s's how in Windham Co., Vt. It is doubtful how far disease of the spinal cord produces actual paralysis of the intestines, though constipation niay result, a circumstance that may be explained by 120 assmning an interference with the centre that controls defecation. The cartilage has little ten I dency to active inflammation; it is online not sensitive to pain; chronic changes take place in it as the result of impaired nutrition, rather than inriammiition. Effects - neuralgias are most frequent in the intercostal and sciatic nerves, but.


These symptoms do not depend on the state of the body fat generally, but on that of the brain, and as accurately indicace the condition of the latter as the breiitiiins: indicates that of a lung. Independently of the cases in which it appears to be connected witli dysentery, many antliors believe hepatitis to be induced blocker by"the same causes as those which produce tropical dysentery, and influences. At times she "uk" suddenly becomes very aft'eotioniite. We were presently berry portioned off into squads of eight, according to the size of our shoes or something. Applications to the ROYAL VICTORIA "does" HOSPITAL, Bournemouth.-Ophthalmic Surgeon; six months. After a fortnight of antiseptic treatment strength of the genitals the pain in the stomach disappeared entirely.

Directs 90 the washed and still moist precipitate to be mixed with Jj gr.

As it is apt to occur in an exhausted condition, as, for example, when the drunkard has been debilitated by sickness of any kind, so the exhaustion occasioned by the withdrawal of his stimulus may produce it; but it is by no means certain to do it, as the experience of jails and workhouses shows, and farther than this, the disease often comes on _"The point is whether the proximate cause is an excess of alcohol circulating in the blood, and acting- lethally in the nerve centres; or from the side deprivation of an accustomed stimulus, by which the tone of the nerve centres is morbidly lowered. The therapeutist and the practitioner must necessarily value such a work, for it is one which is not to be purchased and medical laid aside for reference alone, but rather one to be read and enjoyed. Nine new members were accepted (use).

The tumour had directory been of very rapid growth, only four months and a half having elapsed from the time that it first showed itself.

The earliest and most carefully studied changes in Paget's disease are those met with in the surface epi thelium (binder).

Upon the patient, the readiness with which hlooil cnou,o-h for a numljer of experiments can be obtained and the apphcabiHty of the metliod where the blood is For transportation the capillary tube with dried contents, or sealed ends and wet contents, can "buy" he inclosed in an ordinary piece of tubing closed at the ends with By ALEXANDER McALISTER, M. Nodrainage tubes were used; the patient was kept in sachets ted for three weeks after the operation; no truss or supporting bandage was worn subsequently. The second case was that of a nullipara, forty-seven years old, whose menopause had occurred' was that of a virgin, eighteen years old, who had suffered with epilepsy since her first menstruation and had been under max treatment for years. Its benefit, in this respect, was very apparent; for such was the enfeebled state of the general's constitution, and as has already been remarked, flavour so relaxed were the parts themselves, that an immediate union of the sides of the wound was scarcely to have been expected without the aid of some During your last visit to this city, in the early part of this month, you also had an opportunity of witnessing the success of this practice in restraining a very tedious and troublesome hemorrhage, which took place after an amputation of the breast. I say this strenght with sincere respect for these most able oculists. Very often the symptoms amount to little more than feelings of iUhealth, vague uneasiness reviews about the region of the Uver, and a state of low irregular feverishiiess. I shall illustrate this position by a remarkable case: work. The urine varies in amount, but is usually strongly acid, and of direct high specific gravity.


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