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They isolated the meningococcus from the cerebrospinal fluid in fifty-two medicine out of seventy-five patients. We do not depend on hyposensitization alone.

In no experience do the large lymphocytes replace the small lymphocytes, since these latter appear to predominate zorocks in every stage While it is possible that all this discrepancy is due simply to the adoption of a different standard of classification, still these counts conform more to the results obtained by Carpenter and Sutton than to The increase in eosinophiles during the last three or four days of the disease is very small and would pass unnoticed if a single count is made, but is quite perceptible in a majority of cases where counts are made during every day of the disease. In the chronic cases the patient has complained more on account of the stiffness and disability than on account of the pain. Well, Hippocrates said the Art was long, and he was righter than even he knew. In another case the gangrenous appendix, already perforated and containing a large concretion, was found between the walls of the mesocolon, which was itself extremely edematous. Tablespoonfu! every three hours, well diluted. Which become shorter on the concave, and longer on the convex sides, thus serving to hold the ingredients spine in this position. The fluid was at first bloody, and it must be allowed to flow until it became clear. ' that the radical operation was done for suppura M only and not for mastoiditis, for they buy were two iiict operations.

The laryngoscopic jjicttu'e shows a prolapse of the mucous membrane which may occupy the entire length of the ventricles, or, approaching the polypoid form, may reviews cover a portiim of the true vocal cords.

The skin of the palm is hard, rough, uneven, and has a number of depressions in its surface.

Tuberculosis should be overlooked like diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles, whoopingcough and other infectious and contagious diseases, and heads of families and medical attendants should be required to report to the health office all cases of tuberculosis coming within their knowledge.

Syphilis, it must be remembered, is the least venereal of all the venereal diseases, it being very frequently acquired by accidental contact either with an infected individual or with some infected object. A rough calculus, the size of a large bean, was then easily removed (see figure). The deformity is then overcorrected by bending the cortex on the inner side and opening a wedge-shaped gap in the bone, sufficient male to make the patient somewhat bow-legged when the plaster bandage is applied. Invariable efifect after two months of inducing in them extensive atheromatous changes in the aorta and in the large arteries. He exposed the median and ulnar nerves at the wrist by infiltration anaesthesia and then injected into each nerve about ten or twelve drops of a one per cent, solution of cocaine.

In fifteen per cent, enhancement a history of gastro-iutestinal disturbances has been noted: these disturbances are due to pressure. It is often in very small amount, but it may be sufficient to distend the capsule considerably.


The function of the palmar fascia consists in affording protection to the underlying tendons, nerves, and vessels; in limiting to a certain extent, not only flexion of the fingers, but more particularly over extension of the same; and finally in preventing by the action of the fibrous bands which go to the corium, an excessive flattening of the hollow of the hand in extension, thus regulating the tension of the entire The pathological basis of the palmar fascial contraction has been shown by the latest researches of Kocher and Langhans, von Tarnowski and Schmidt, supplementing the earlier results of Goyrand, Froriep, Sevestre, and Adams, to be a chronic hyperplastic inflammation, with subsequent scar tissue contraction of the palmar fascia and of the adjacent connective and fatty tissues, which inflammation does not, however, involve these tissues in toto at first, but only certain portions of them; hence the small tumors felt in the palm, the precursors of the disease.

Reported cases to determine the best method of treatment. Comparatively small cent, when added to water, impeded the development of both saprophites and of such pathogenic germs as the cholera bacillus. Drowsiness, dry mouth and, on rare occasions, blurred More detailed professional information available on llUi request. The chief point in its etiology pills is the relationship to tuberculosis.


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